EDM Cutting Services

Infinity EDM is a Wire EDM job shop with fourteen Mitsubishi wire EDM machines and two Current small hole drillers that specializes in mold building and stamping die components. We also do piece part quantities for any manufacturer that requires an EDM process.

Our programmers and technicians are an experienced group of toolmakers, engineers, and machinists that understand the expense that is involved in each piece of steel that comes into our facility. These employees take great pride in quality, expedient delivery, and the ability to wire the job based on the tolerances provided.

Infinity has the rare ability to wire multiple large pieces at the same time due to our inventory of four oversized wire EDM machines which includes our three FA30Vs and our FA50V which boasts the largest travels and tank size in the U.S. When size matters Infinity is your best choice.

Having large block capacity doesn’t mean we are lacking on the other end of the spectrum. Our Fanuc wire EDM is capable of cutting with .002 diameter wire.

When it comes to the fitting of components Infinity is second to none. We will inquire what the customers needs for proper fit is and will follow through to the end of the project to ensure proper fitting of all components from ejector pins to dowels to lifters and inserts etc.

(1) FA50V 81.0″x72.0″x24.0″ 51.2″x39.4″x25.9″ 8800 LBS.
(3) FA30V 51.2″x41.2″x26.75″ 29.52″x19.69″x26.75″ 6600 LBS.
(1) FX30 51.2″x39.0″x17.625″ 29.52″x19.69″x17.625″ 4400 LBS.
(1) FX20 41.34″x31.5″x11.81″ 19.68″x13.77″x11.81″ 1760 LBS.
(2) FA20VS 41.3″x31.5″x17.75″ 19.68″x13.77″x17.75″ 3300 LBS.
(1) FA20S 41.3″x31.5″x17.75″ 19.68″x13.77″x17.75″ 3300 LBS.
(2) FX10 31.5″x22.6″x8.46″ 13.7″x9.84″x8.46″ 1100 LBS.
(2) FA10V 31.5″x22.6″x8.46″ 13.7″x9.84″x8.46″ 1100 LBS.
(1) FA10VS 31.5″x22.6″x8.46″ 13.7″x9.84″x8.46″ 1100 LBS.
(1) 110C 21″x23″x10″ 11.81″x17.71″x10″ 1000 LBS.
(1) FANUC 26″x17″x7.1″ 12.6″x8.7″x7.1″ 1000 LBS.
(1) DRILLER 18″x19″= GRANITE 29.8″x14.8″x18″ 880 LBS.
(1) DRILLER 72″x25.75″ TANK 42.87″x10.37″x22.75″ 1800 LBS.
(1) DRILLER 14″x9″x7″ 11.8″x7.87″x7″ 330 LBS.
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