Quality, Inspection & Reverse Engineering

One of the advantages that makes Infinity EDM and Machining a premier job shop is having the ability to inspect and document accuracy of wired and machined parts to within .0001 of an inch.

At Infinity EDM, total customer satisfaction is our goal. We understand that in addition to outstanding delivery, quality is absolutely paramount.  From the beginning we set out and have expanded upon the mindset of “quality first” throughout the company to each and every Project Manager and Machine Operator.  We attribute our past success and our future growth to that simple philosophy.

Our quality control begins when each Project Manager makes the actual machine program for each feature or part. The Manager analyzes each print or other electronic data for tolerances and ensures that each program is created properly and within tolerance. It then continues to the Operator at the machine to individually inspect first features of a block or the first component in a series of parts. This is done using a variety of calibrated, precision measuring tools including: micrometers, depth micrometers, gage pins, dial bore gages, or test indicators.

The newest and most advanced feature of our quality control program is our Hexagon Optiv Performance 664 Multi-sensor and optical CMM. This highly advanced inspection machine allows for both contact and non-contact methods of precision inspection. The contact method allows for the use of a precision probe to gently touch off on each part to measure a multitude of dimensions. The optical method uses a high resolution CCD camera in conjunction with variable illumination to measure external and internal features of any given part. This also allows us to create geometry and Reverse Engineer parts where needed. We have found that our ability to Reverse Engineer components to be instrumental in getting incapacitated tools back in working condition when there are no spare parts or actual part geometry available to the toolmaker or designer.  Our customers have found our Reverse Engineering service to be instrumental in regaining production and profitability.

Our deep understanding of the highest quality services we can provide has built our strong foundation. In addition to all of our current quality practices and procedures, we continue to explore and advance all of our quality ambitions to offer the best possible product to our customers.

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