Surface Grinding

In 2019 Infinity added a 60”x120” Chevalier surface grinder to our existing 12”x24” Okamoto and the 20”x60” Chevalier.  This enables us to take care of most of our customer’s large plate grinding.

We are strictly a service-based company; what that means is your needs won’t be sacrificed because we are putting our projects ahead of your grinding needs.  On these large plates we can hold +/- .0005 on thickness and +/- .001 of flatness.

Depending on thickness these tolerances can fluctuate up or down.  We have the ability to check these plates using our inspection grade 4’x8’ surface plate.  We pride ourselves on keeping lead times as short as possible and refrain from charges expedite fees.

Surface Grinding Capabilities

CHEVALIER GRINDER 20″x60.0″x22.0″ 3,500 LBS.
CHEVALIER GRINDER 60″x120″x20″ 17,600 LBS.
Okamoto ACC12-24GX 12”24”x14” 2,500 lbs.

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