EDM Cutting Services

Infinity EDM is a Wire EDM job shop with eighteen Mitsubishi wire EDM machines, one Fanuc 0iAS/AWF and four EDM small hole drillers that specialize in small and large Wire EDM projects. Our projects include injection molding and stamping die components along with piece part projects for customers that require tight tolerances and small production runs. Infinity has the rare ability to wire multiple large pieces at the same time due to having six large wire EDM machines.

EDM Hole Drilling

We have four small hole drillers. Three drillers are Current EDM heads mounted on Clausing mills and have the Accurite Control for CNC drilling capabilities. The fourth driller is a Mitsubishi EDM Driller which is used for micro hole drilling. The four drillers allow us to have multiple projects drilling simultaneously. Electrode sizes range from .008 to .200 diameter with an overburn of .002 to .004 per side. Burn depth for .012 to .015 is limited to 5/8” or less. Hole diameters .022 and larger can be drilled to depths of 23” depending on the diameter of electrode being used.

Machining Capabilities

As our business expanded we received numerous requests from customers to not only provide Wire EDM services but also CNC Machining services. In 2013, Infinity EDM added two Mitsubishi Diamond Cut Vertical Machining Centers. We felt it would be a great value-added service to fulfill our customer’s project needs in total. As deadliness became tighter we added two additional vertical machining centers. Our largest CNC Machine can handle a part 40”x80”x40”. Let us know we can help you with any of your small or large machining projects.

Grinding Capabilities

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succeeding. one job at a time.

We are a proud extension of your company and the services you offer.

We help you meet your customers’ needs on a daily-basis. Infinity EDM is committed to providing your company with quality wire EDM cutting and small hole drilling services by maintaining our tolerance specs and meeting your delivery needs while keeping your costs to a minimum. With the addition of technical advice on block preparation, pricing, lead time, and fixturing, we believe that Infinity EDM is your quality choice for Wire EDM outsourcing.



Infinity EDM’s qualified staff of five programming project managers and fifteen edm and cnc technicians have decades of wire edm experience to consult, advise and complete your project accurately, economically and on time. 



Our staff is spread out over three shifts which allows us coverage six to seven days a week. We know in this needed-it-yesterday environment, in today’s toolrooms, being available around the clock is an invaluable advantage.



20 wire EDMs, 4 small hole drillers, 4 VMCs and a 20″ x 20″ wet grinder are what our customers have at their disposal when contacting Infinity EDM. We possess more oversize wire EDMs than any job shop in the country evidenced by our equipment list.

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our extensive capabilities

Having Mitsubishi’s largest Wire EDM machines allows us to execute jobs most shops can’t handle.

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When placing a call to Infinity EDM you will be immediately connected to one of our five Project Managers. This allows for prompt attention to your project without delay or callbacks.

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