EDM Small Hole Drilling

Using electrode technology to drill small holes, allows us to tackle jobs that conventional drilling could never accomplish. Hardness of material is not a factor in this process.

Infinity EDM has four small hole drillers. Three drillers are Current EDM heads mounted on Clausing mills and have the Accurite Control for CNC drilling capabilities. The fourth driller is a Mitsubishi EDM Driller which is used for micro hole drilling. The four drillers allow us to have multiple projects drilling simultaneously. Electrode sizes range from .008 to .200 diameter with an overburn of .002 to .004 per side.  Burn depth for very small (.012 to .015) is limited to 5/8” or less.  Hole diameters .022 and larger can be drilled to depths of 23” depending on the diameter of electrode being used.  These holes are commonly used for air, coolant, wire start holes, and removal of broken taps/drills, and seized pins.  Please call to discuss any unique drilling circumstances you have.  We will do our best to accommodate your project’s specific needs.

EDM Small Hole Drilling Capacities

(1) DRILLER 18″x19″ = GRANITE 29.8″x14.8″x18″ 880 LBS.
(3) DRILLER 72″x25.75″ TANK 42.87″x20.37″x22.75″ 1,800 LBS.
(1) DRILLER 14″x9″x7″ 11.8″x7.87″x7″ 330 LBS.

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